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Aviva Beitler
Born in Israel (1949), Aviva Beitler has been an active painter for 4 decades.
She employs in her paintings various and combined techniques including Oil Colors, Acrylic Colors, Watercolors as well as hand drawing using Pencils and Graphite materials.
1969                   Studying for diploma at Teachers College, Haifa
1971- 1973         Art studies at the Tel-Aviv's Avni Institute of Arts
1973 -1984         Art studies and painting guided by the artists:
                           Mrs. Rachel Shavit, Mr. Eliahu Gat, Mr. Yair Garbuz
1993-1996          B.A. Degree in Psychology of Education
2003-2010          Attending art courses by the artist Mrs. Vered Nol-Alon, Rehovot
2004-2009          History of Arts studies at Tel-Aviv University
                           History of Arts studies at University of Jerusalem, Rehovot Faculty
2009-2010          Painting guided by the Artist Mirta Edry
2009                   Joined the Rehovot Artists Society



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1985 and on       Private Exhibitions.
2003-2010          Group (G) exhibitions at the Rehovot Municipal Gallery
2009                   # Single Exhibition "Into the Open Space" at Eshkol-Pa`is
                              Gallery, Rehovot
                           # Group, at the Municipal Gallery of the City of Rehovot
                           # "Art Salon", Dondikov House Gallery, Rehovot. Group
                           # "Black and White", Dondikov House Gallery, Rehovot, (G)
   # "75 Years of Kfar Menachem Kibutz, at the Kibutz, (G).
2010                   # "The New Harvest" at Eshkol-Pa`is Gallery, Rehovot. (G)
                           # Single Exhibition, "Space of Living" Ephrat Gallery, Tel-Aviv
                           # "Dialog with a City" the Artist House Gallery, Rehovot (G)
                           # "Still Nature" Dondikov House Gallery, Rehovot, Group