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about us

The Visual Art Association of Rehovot was founded in 1995 in order   .
 to create a cultural and artistic connection between artists of Rehovot and the   community in general .
Some of the main objectives of the organization are to participate in projects that will enhance the visual appearance of the city and will create and enrich continuous cultural and artistic cooperation with  the young people , new immigrants, the older generation- by having exhibiting our works in the Artist’s house and in any  available public building   .
Some of our members participate in the annual  “open house” event that allows  citizens  to visit the artists in their  homes .
 Rehovot has celebrated its 120th birthday and our organization contributed to that event.
Participating in projects such as the fight against alcohol and drugs and working with “special” members of the community  enables our members  to use their talents for the common good.  
  We usually have     6-7  group exhibitions annually which are    held in the Rehovot Artists House and Beit Dondakoff.
The management committee is comprised of:
Head of committee- Danny Gratz
Treasurer- Irene Dym
 Main Curator- Vered Alon-Nol
 Joelle Zajfman
 Head of Membership Committee- Baruch Goldfinger
In addition :
Control committee- Barak Nachsholi and Melina Gavram-
Spokesman for the Association (Amutah)- Rina Barshaf
The membership committee meets during the first quarter of each year . Prospective new members should contact Baruch Goldfinger at
:0544-731885                 shikbaruh@gmail.com