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Bruria Brookmayer
Dreamscapes and fragments of fancy.  The composition in Bruria Brookmayer's work takes us back in time to the allegedly white pieces of paper we painted on as children when all of a sudden a powerful revelatory event would occur.  This distant memory embodies the essence of her process.  It is a process within which she recreates a continuous dialogue with herself of the hidden and the revealed.  On one hand is the desire to be exposed, and on the other to form an impenetrable setting.  The story is revealed only to herself, letting the viewer deal with the consequence.  Our understanding happens as a result of our connectivity to the rich colors which are at times pastoral; at times they are harsh and intolerably dark and uncompromising.  Similarly, the characters can be both domineering and abstract, or animals will be represented in their ancestral form both vague and impenetrable. Represented as figures, cave drawings, or symbols.
The creative process is woven intuitively, analogous to the flowing qualities of music.  Bolts of color become "raw emotional ammunition" that she later employs skillfully on the canvas.
Paradoxically, the extensive use of writing in her work does not assist the viewer with deciphering it.  The use of text is formal; pertaining to only the painting.  She does not unravel the text and/or written words, rather they are left as an amalgam of shapes that are self explanatory to her and unattainable to the viewer in the traditional sense of text and its meaning.
The viewer is confronted with a sense of disconnect. Even in the moments where thin cracks of light shine thru, fear dominates and closes in.  Dream fragments find a second life in compositions of line, color, shape and form.  In order to arrive at the meaning, one needs to absorb the written word through emotion and expression as it's spoken rather than written.  A journey to an exterior dreamscape is revealed as an interior path to the depths of the soul.  This point of revelation offers one a certain freedom within which a personal new world can be created while studying her work.

Bruria Brookmayer born in Jerusalem currently residing in Rehovot. Worked for many years as an interior designer

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