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Edelman Esther

In the last years I'm working on "Life wrapper" Sculptures.
My Unique technique : The Sculptures are made of paper (white, brown wrapper
paper or newspaper).The paper is wrinkled, crumpled and folded as one full
sheet of paper (without cutting the paper) until creating the hollow object.
The consumed wrapper paper wraps the Immortal soul.
Many Sculptures include hands. The hand is the essence of the human soul.
Words like: wrapping, cover, recycling, consumed, shroud for dead, continuity,
mourning, fossil, to miss and memory are in my mind when creating these works.
The Sculptures are shroud for a moment. The consumed paper "keeps" a
memory of the moment like a fossil that keeps a memory of lifes that gone away.
The hands from the scene and the real moment have gone leaving a lot of
fingerprints of movement and emotion which are engraved in the paper
Esther Edelman


Fruits 2

Longing 2

       Here I steped on

A Moment



                     Life wrapper

                 Shourd for a moment


Mother's Tea Party